Our Formula for Your Success

At Zaffarese Physical Therapy, LLC, we strive to provide the highest quality of  Physical Therapy care for every patient who enters our clinic.  Our formula is simple.


#1  We Evaluate.  We schedule a full hour for your initial appointment so that we have adequate time to fully evaluate your condition.  Just as every person is unique, no two cases of lower back pain, for example, are exactly the same.  Our goal with a thorough Physical Therapy evaluation is to identify all of the significant factors that may be contributing to your condition.  This allows us to create an individualized program that will not only address your symptoms, but the root causes of your condition as well.


#2  We Provide Adequate One on One Time.  Whether you are an injured athlete, a weekend warrior, or one of our many active senior citizens, you will be provided with personalized one on one time with your physical therapist at every appointment.  We believe that one reason people have "failed" Physical Therapy in the past is that they were not provided with proper supervision and guidance during appointments.  You may be provided with the best exercises possible to correct your condition, but if you do not perform them correctly you will not get well.  In fact, you may get worse.  By providing consistent supervision at each appointment, we will insure that you are performing each exercise with the proper technique and in the proper posture to allow you to optimize your outcome and prepare you to continue with an independent home exercise program after you graduate.


#3  We Provide Skilled Manual Therapy.  A disturbing trend has emerged in the field of Physical Therapy.  That is the minimization of time devoted to one on one manual therapy.  We believe strongly that manual therapy is the cornerstone of the effective Physical Therapy treatment of orthopedic conditions.  Our skilled physical therapists use a variety of manual therapy techniques to release soft tissue restrictions, decrease edema, mobilize stiff joints, correct faulty movement patterns and improve skeletal alignment in order to restore pain free motion.  We  will apply all of the techniques in our arsenal in order to help you achieve results!


#4  We Remain Up to Date.  We strive to stay up to date with the latest treatment techniques and equipment.  Our Physical Therapists are dedicated to pursuing relevant continuing education opportunities that will continue to expand our body of knowledge as a group.  Working together we are constantly challenging each other to question what we see in order to come to better solutions for our patients.


#5  We Never Forget that the Most Important Part of the Equation is the Patient.  We know that in order for you to be successful you must be an active partner in your physical therapy program.  We promise to work WITH you to achieve YOUR goals.


The formula is simple.  Let the next success story be yours!