History of Zaffarese Physical Therapy

     Zaffarese Physical Therapy, LLC,  was established in 2006 by Steve Zaffarese, a Physical Therapist and East Windsor resident.  Steve had had previous experience with establishing and managing physical therapy clinics for larger corporate health care providers, but had become disillusioned with the trend towards higher patient volume at the expense of quality patient care.  Steve envisioned something different.  His goal was to create a more personal clinic that would put the needs of the patient over corporate interests.  To achieve his goal, Steve knew that all he had to do was to employ a team of highly skilled and experienced Physical Therapists and then provide them with adequate one on one time with the patients.  Over the past 9 years, Steve has held steadfast to his ideal of manageable patient volume even in the face of managed care restictions and diminishing insurance reimbursements.  As a result, Zaffarese Physical Therapy has been rewarded by loyal patients and referring physicians with a reputation of excellence in the field.  We consider it an honor to continue Steve's vision by continuing to provide the people of Mercer County and surrounding areas with outstanding physical therapy treatment.