Areas of Treatment


Total knee replacement

Arthroscopic surgery

Meniscus tears

ACL tear/ repair

MCL and other ligament sprains

Sports injuries

Patellar tendonitis

Patellar fracture

Patella-femoral syndrome

Running pain

Back and Neck

Spinal Stenosis

Bulging/ Herniated Discs

Post spinal surgery

Compression fractures

Pelvic dysfunction

Sacroiliac dysfunction

Pre and post natal back pain

Postural pain

Computer syndrome


Rotator cuff tear/ repair




Shoulder replacements

Scapular dysfunction

Throwing injuries



Total hip replacement


Labral tears

Hip fractures

Congenital malformation


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Ankle and Foot

Plantar fasciitis

Ankle sprains

Peroneal tendon strain/ tear

Heel spurs

Ankle fusion


Achilles rupture/ tear

Metatarsal pain

Elbow, Wrist and Hand

Tennis elbow

Golfer's elbow

Nerve entrapments

Fractures of radial head

Loss of elbow extension

Wrist fracture

UCL sprain/ rupture

Head and Face


Fascial nerve palsey


Post Concussion Syndrome

Gait and Balance Disorders

Parkinson's disease

Vestibular disorders

Fall risk assessment

Assistive device assessment


General weakness/ Instability


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Zaffarese Physical Therapy was established by Steve Zaffarese, a Physical Therapist and East Windsor Resident.  Steve had had previous experience with establishing and managing physical therapy clinics for large corporate health care providers, and had become disillusioned with the trend towards higher patient volume and the expense of quality treatment.  Steve had a vision to do something different.  His goal was to create a more personal clinic that would provide the highest level of physical therapy care to the residents of his community.  To meet this goal, Steve has employed a team of highly skilled and experienced physical therapists and has limited patient volume in order to insure that every patient has ample one on one time with his or her therapist.  As members of the Zaffarese Physical Therapy team, we consider it an honor to continue to provide the people of this community with outstanding physical therapy care.


What Sets Us Apart


Zaffarese Physical Therapy,LLC, has a consistent record of providing outstanding Physical Therapy to the people of Mercer County and the surrounding areas.  Our experienced staff, dedicated to ongoing continuing education, provides the most current and effective treatments available for a variety of patient diagnoses.  We are constantly expanding out knowledge base to meet the needs of our patients.  Empowered with the most state-of -the-art equipment available and a commitment to providing individual hands-ons treatment time, we are able to consistently help our patients achieve positive outcomes.